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SLP Validator Election - Masternode24

Hello Bifrost community,
we at Masternode24 team are currently unable to fulfill the validator boost list requirements.
Therefore, we are applying for the Validator White List VWL first.
In the future, when we have expanded our team a bit, we will see how we can help the project and apply for the Validator Boost List VBL.
If you have questions, wishes or suggestions, we can discuss it here in the forum.

We will create an extra validator for it so we don't mix anything: J6xn7Mr8pfed6gvvRPZ8HEEb89RCwheTBtxymg9Xw36hUUS

Many greetings and good luck
Alexander Buterus
Masternode24 founder


Hi Alex, thank you for providing the information about Masternode24. There may be a point of clarification here. In order to ensure the transparency and efficiency of validator selection, Bifrost SLP uses a scoring mechanism to rotate the Validator White List (VWL), which cannot be intervened by governance. Here you can see Bifrost SLP scoring selection mechanism for vBNC collators (currently an off-chain script, but will eventually be decentralized through off-chain workers) .

So here we can continue to discuss the application proposal for the Validator Boost List (VBL).