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SLP Boost Validator List proposal - Masternode24

Hello community,
to support the Bifrost growth, we at Masternode24 are applying for the Validator Boost List selection in the following chains, Moonbeam and Polkadot.

Our Polkadot Validator: 14Q74NU7dG4uxiHTSCSZii5T1Y368cm7BNVNeRWmEuoDUGXQ
Our Moonbeam Collator: 0x13a61daC75e2F66721dcaEdA726be1E636928800

We expect VBL validators to provide added value to the SLP protocol or vToken holders to promote the long-term development of the protocol.

  • Contribute our part as Liquidity provider for DOT and GLMR trading pairs.
  • Talk about Bifrost vTokens with our delegates and social media channels to gain more reach and popularity.
  • We are also open about other cooperation opportunities once we have expanded our team a bit.

If you have questions, wishes or suggestions, we can discuss it here in the forum.

Many greetings and good luck
Alexander Buterus founder


hey Masternode24, thanks for the submission.

in regards to your points, have a few qs.

  • liquidity contribution for DOT and GLMR trading pairs. you would be providing liquidity for vDOT single token and/or LP farming? for vGLMR LP farming? as such you would be minting some volume of both vDOT and vGLMR to be able to provide this liquidity.
  • are you able to provide some colour and details around the educational content / support you can provide through marketing, content, and community activities - how will you talk about bifrost vtokens? any ideas in terms of initiatives- twitter threads? articles? would be great to have abit more detail. btw whats your delegates size?





  1. Liquidity for single vTokens (vDOT, vGLMR)
    But it depends on what return on investment we will generate with it. Therefore, we consider one of the two possibilities.

  2. We can repost aducation documentaries provided by you in our channels, and translate them into German language. We have a lot of delegators in all our projects, unfortunately we don't know most of them personally, we only know their wallets.
    We are planning to expand our social media presence in the near future, and will hire extra people with knowledge for this purpose.



thanks for this.

  1. the income analysis for both vDOT and vGLMR can be seen under the displayed staking APY under each vtoken on their respective pages : and

would be helpful to have a rough idea in this format:

  • Token amount provided to minting vToken: XXXXX Token
  • Plan to provide vToken liquidity
    • Single token farming : : XXXXX Token
    • vToken - Token LP : XXXXX Token+XXXXX vToken
  1. are you able to provide us some details around your community i.e. the number of delegators per each network.
    if possible to have some details provided below:
  • Quantitative overview on your community (number of users / Geographical focus) : XXXXX / XXXXX
  • Brief breakdown of your channels (Blog, Twitter,Youtube, Telegram,etc.):
    • Blog: XXXXX views / XXXXX members
    • Twitter: XXXXX followers (incl. Recent analytics on post)
    • Telegram: XXXXX members
    • Discord: XXXXX members
    • Youtube: XXXXX subscribers / XXXXX total views

appreciate it.



We can provide 1k DOT and 10k GLMR tokens for liquidity pool.

Telegram we currently have 65 members
Twitter 185 subscribers
We don't have more reach at the moment, because we don't have people to do it, and we don't have time to do it ourselves.