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SLP Boost Validator List proposal - STAKECRAFT

Hi, Bifrost community,

STAKECRAFT Validator runs nodes/collator for 30+ projects (such as Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, Centrifuge, Moonriver, Kava, TheGraph, Stargaze, Juno, Band, and many more).
Our team has earned recognition in the crypto community as a reliable team that approaches with the highest responsibility for all tasks. We receive grants from foundations for having achieved the set goals.
Since we are focused on long-term and productive cooperation, we provide additional services for supported projects, for example, a snapshot service, relayers, etc.
We use only high-grade bare metal servers in Tier-1 data centers such as Hetzner, OVH, and Contabo.
We have supported Bifrost from the beginning. We are applying for the Validator Boost List selection in the following chains, Kusama and Polkadot. Here are our validators:

  1. Polkadot: 13ogHzWQksuwuw4dv6jph1GHGBxjSP8qzwRJzT69dhnhYEv2
  2. Kusama 1: Cs7UFcNBsBV4Y65GsM3bDzpvinMKFQZyt6x9TrhVhc8ps4E
  3. Kusama 2: HKzQetwesWrSoCwidmTFxTDKhvGTtstXBSeWoZYeMtipdVH
  4. Kusama 3: EQNMpUBms7Ht9AGSCxpyvzEwiBuSzm4HbzUqfKd8Adcc44p

Since we are applying to the SLP, we commit to maintaining 100% uptime on our node.
In addition, we plan to provide a snapshot service for Bifrost.
We will also contribute through marketing, content, and community activities: posts on our blog, Twitter, and mentions on our social media and newsletter.



You can find more information about us on our website



hey STAKECRAFT, thanks for the submission.

are you able to provide some colour and details around the educational content / support you can provide through marketing, content, and community activities: posts on your blog, Twitter, and mentions on your social media and newsletter for bifrost liquid staking. do you have examples or perhaps also some quantitative data in regards to ur community- users etc?

furthermore, and aside from this type of support - would you be able to providing liquidity to bifrost liquid staking protocol?
i.e. - minting vtokens - vKSM and/or vDOT? providing liquidity to existing pools on Bifrost?




  • We can translate the educational materials into the Russian language, repost them on our media channels and communicate in Discord/Telegram groups. Our team is in many closed groups with well-known validators, and we can also distribute information there, and if it is really useful, then they will help spread it further.
  • Regarding your question about providing liquidity, our activity is only related to validation, we can support it in our communication channels, but we do not work with liquidity mining.



Hi @f57o...HRg2

thanks for the info.

would be great to have the following details from you regarding your community :

  • Quantitative overview on your community (number of users / Geographical focus) : XXXXX / XXXXX
  • Brief breakdown of your channels (Blog, Twitter,Youtube, Telegram,etc.):
    ■ Blog: XXXXX views / XXXXX members
    ■ Twitter: XXXXX followers (incl. Recent analytics on post)
    ■ Telegram: XXXXX members
    ■ Discord: XXXXX members
    ■ Youtube: XXXXX subscribers / XXXXX total views
  • you would only be able to translate and repost content provided by bifrost right?

cheers for the feedback.

Up 1

I can't give an exact number, since I already said that we are in some closed channels where there are people who also have their own communities, and in the presence of important and useful information - they will also help us distribute this information.
Twitter -
Medium -
Discord -
We can translate, repost, and write guides.