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SLP Boost Validator List proposal - Jsquare

Name of node provider: Jsquare

Brief Description on node provider: We run collator nodes for multiple projects and provide RPC services for partners.

Number of nodes that want to join the Validator Boost List: 6

**The address of the node that wants to join the Validator Boost List and which network: **

  • hVBbLhSr9oZytmkmWPWvVbfneR1RaVHR1HVAqAqx44MTLjZ
  • c62WA2bTtTTBRqojCF1NQqV7pTGLXvzvryRCxXmDujmXCmm
  • hU4rSnQb7ZvLodsTVf7MDoB9diu67EcvsnTvHvzLfmeEruM
  • ewS54RpFnntkbj7b8Df1K8erRDvPcvXC6guCR7RQowucE2Y
  • fhwVWs62o7mX9bGnLFp76yggtTWEoSvLfvXZNaqftNzHFU6
  • gfvMHQ7FJKz3XXyVZKMzqWJn54RBQq8k2EDjxjcYv3X81ni

Liquidity Contribution by VBL Applicant :

Token amount provided to minting vToken: ** 30000 vBNC
Plan to provide vToken liquidity: ** we will gradually increase.

**Single token farming : ** 29879 vBNC
**vToken - Token LP : ** 30000 BNC+29879 vBNC


  • Monthly Periodic node run report
  • Ensure that the node performance is in the top 25%
  • We can support the development of some small tools
  • Astar Collators
    • WuGZ1FuCiogbKTLh1NHJVW66ChahdXmq5gFDc7JWEewtprw
    • Zy4AcKJTqQ2PAzuk7VjfHhrVcvTtQsdEF1SZr67JcvDhs8T
  • Shidne Collators
    • ZEzkNSQMod5Ak77gzdYmzyPc3Z2LM2wEtG3NYrhJBC3ci6j
    • ZPFVdCfYrMm512Q3vv8D4i4tU76tp7DWatps7keQpWvVMms

Hey Jsquare, thanks for your application,

I guess you are applying for BNC VBL? Please clarity which chain's VBL you applying for.

There are currently Max. 7 VBL slots available for Bifrost Collator, could you provide more info around if any other benefits you can provide to Community (twitter space, articles, etc. pls put quantitative data around). From my point of view, I think 2 VBL slots to apply for this proposal is reasonable, or only one slot you can apply as the current contribution.


We are applying for BNC VBL.

Two twitter spaces and one article are better.


hello A
can you please choose one node address for the submission to the VBL application.
furthermore, can you please provide more details about the twitter spaces and the article, for example:

  • Brief breakdown of your channels (Blog, Twitter,Youtube, Telegram,etc.):
    ■ Blog: XXXXX views / XXXXX members
    ■ Twitter: XXXXX followers (incl. Recent analytics on post)
  • Provide details around form of marketing and promotion initiatives that can be provided to Bifrost SLP , if you are doing Twitter spaces what would be the topic? and article too?
    many thanks for this context.