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SLP Boost Validator List Proposal - Sekoya Labs

Name of node provider: Sekoya Labs

Brief Description on node provider: Sekoya Labs’s validator and blockchain node services apply the latest in technology to protect, monitor, and provide world class service. Our team operates 20+ nodes across many blockchains and operates in 10+ locations worldwide. We provide full service offerings as our team has 20 years of systems administration coupled along with over a decade of strategy development and management experience. We combine the full suite of the technical know-how with the professional experience of best-in-class analytics and reporting. Below are some highlights of our service:

  • Validator Services - Providing validating services for over 2+ years, we know the ins and outs of provisioning, monitoring, and updating our validators.
  • Secure Systems - State of the art security systems and controls have been put in place to safeguard the health of each validator.
  • Community - Not only do we validate, we deeply believe in each of the projects in which we provide service. Each of the project communities are very important to us. Additionally, we are currently an active participant in the Polkadot and Kusama 1kv program
  • Automated Payouts - Each of our validators have automated payouts at the end of each era to provide rewards back to our nominators as quickly as possible.

Additional information on Sekoya Labs can be found at

Number of nodes that want to join the Validator Boost List: The section below provides a listing of the current active validators that Sekoya Lab operates on Kusama and Polkadot. Our team would be more than happy to spin up additional nodes on Kusama and Polkadot, as well as any other chains as requested.

The address of the node that wants to join the Validator Boost List and which network:

  • Kusama: Sekoya Labs - Dtf5sKpKrQ3mc9SK1WmRTR3oaKyAS3p27LEeWCLPF6gsDuU
  • Polkadot: Sekoya Labs - 15PeEsbJeU2BZDgoCmo6xdzsuRaZv1PxLaCUyFmfWPwkZPJ4

Liquidity Contribution by VBL Applicant :

Token amount provided to minting vToken: 40000 vBNC
Plan to provide vToken liquidity:

  • Single token farming : 39528 vBNC (per accepted validator)
  • Single token farming : 5000 vDOT (per accepted validator)
  • Single token farming : 44.62 vKSM (per accepted validator)
  • Single token farming : 4000 vGLMR (per accepted validator)
  • Single token farming : 188.76 vMOVR (per accepted validator)
  • vToken - Token LP : 20000 BNC + 19764 vBNC (per accepted validator)
  • vToken - Token LP : 2500 DOT + 2500 vDOT (per accepted validator)
  • vToken - Token LP : 25 KSM + 22.31 vKSM (per accepted validator)
  • vToken - Token LP : 2000 GLMR + 2000 vGLMR (per accepted validator)
  • vToken - Token LP : 100 MOVR + 94.38 vMOVR (per accepted validator)

All numbers above are subject to final structure and details of the Bifrost Validator Boost program. Sekoya Labs also remains open providing additional liquidity depending on additional information. Lastly, we have outside investors that we would be able to connect with if the financial opportunity made sense to convert current funds they have contributed into specific vTokens and liquidity pools.

Marketing - Informational support/contribution by VBL Applicant :

Quantitative overview on your community (number of users / Geographical focus) : Over 2 years of Polkadot and Kusama validating with thousands of combined nominators across all platforms.

Brief breakdown of your channels (Blog, Twitter,Youtube, Telegram,etc.):

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @sekoyalabs
  • Telegram: @sekoyalabs
  • Discord: Sekoya Labs#9953

Provide details around form of marketing and promotion initiatives that can be provided to Bifrost SLP (Blog articles, newsletter, Twitter threads, AMA, community announcements etc) : Please refer to the website and twitter feed.


  • Monthly Periodic node run report - For all nodes currently operating, Sekoya Labs can provide ongoing monthly reporting. We also provide more in-depth quarterly and annual results and discussions. On top of those regular reports, ad-hoc reporting is provided in any situations that we feel warrants real-time updates.
  • Sekoya labs can provide any necessary documentation to ensure that the node performance is in the top 25%

hey @Sekoya_Labs

many thanks for the proposal.

on the marketing-promotional support angle front, are you able to provide us more details around the type of initiatives you can lead? as it is not very clear in your submission what type of initiatives you would take?
would be great to have some proposed ideas.

thanks for this.



As for the marketing-promotional support angle front, please see below for some of our anticipated initiatives:

Promote via Twitter - As can be seen from @sekoyalabs, when we get involved in ecosystems, we work hard to promote them to the community with all relevant information. We typically focus on a balanced approach between general information about an ecosystem alongside more specific information for our nominators/delegators as it relates to specifics for validators.

Educational Content - Our team has recently started dedicating more time to conducting research and putting out longer form educational content. This aspect of our team is just beginning, but if selected, we would be able to focus some of our research and materials on Bifrost.

Community Building and Networking - In recent weeks, our team entered into discussions with another group about a partnership for heading up a Polkadot/Kusama onboarding and networking community. The focus will be on bringing together developers/teams, investors, and advisors for a combination of education, networking, and marketing. We are currently working alongside that team to develop a grant proposal that we anticipate submitting to the Polkadot/Kusama treasuries in the coming months. This would provide us a great entry point to market and promote Bifrost to both the leaders and newcomers of the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystems.

Our team has a long history of operating as the best-in-class from a technical, security, and reporting perspective. As we continue to grow, we’ve taken the additional steps of focusing on education, community building, and marketing for the ecosystems our validators operate in. We’d love the opportunity to work alongside Bifrost and make you a focal point of these efforts.


many thanks for your response.
please proceed to initiating a referendum proposal on the bifrost network (refer to point 3 in the section "establishing the process of cooperation" in the validator boost list process/mechanism).