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SLP Boost Validator List proposal - 🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊

Name of node provider: Iceberg Nodes (or 🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊 as identity on-chain on most of networks)

Brief Description on node provider: Iceberg Nodes provides secure non-custodial staking services as validators on relaychains and collators on parachains of Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. The team members are highly involved on community activities, governance on chain and technical support to projects teams during various phases of their roadmap.

Network, number of nodes and addresses of the nodes that want to join the Validator Boost List:

• Polkadot, n°1 validator:
    ◦ Identity: "🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊/V1", address: 14ices1G5qTmqhMfDVBECh4jotNDGTLu8fhE9YktWT3cLF2F

• Kusama, n°2 validators:
    ◦ Identity: "🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊/V1", address: Eices1KaGTYqiazfjJpwyjnz5UzqTxULeYqnmeJNz49gs19
    ◦ Identity: "🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊/V2", address: H6rdnNwvHFKw5tfF7kXSssta5AYmysrJrZkRmAbzw6Vm3p8

• Moonbeam, n°1 collator:
    ◦ Identity: "🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊", address: 0xCA98D4378393040408100f490bF98b03F5E7DeB7

• Bifrost, n°1 collator (already included in the actual VWL):
    ◦ Identity: "Iceberg Nodes", address: dsFgqAw7RxTTxCrHrpvTaoVa24B4CUZ6QmNFWDWEQS6ou79

Note: due to a little issue that occurs on Subscan Explorer, sometimes our sub-identity is not displayed properly or not displayed at all on Polkadot and Kusama chains for the above addresses, but you can cross-check using another explorer or Polkadot JS.

Liquidity Contribution by VBL Applicant:

• Total token amount provided: 100000 GLMR
• Token amount provided to minting vToken: 50000 GLMR
• Plan to provide vToken liquidity:
    ◦ Single token farming: N.A.
    ◦ LP Token - vToken: 50000 GLMR + 50000 vGLMR

• Total token amount provided: 14500 BNC
• Token amount provided to minting vToken: 7250 BNC
• Plan to provide vToken liquidity:
    ◦ Single token farming: N.A.
    ◦ LP Token - vToken: 7250 BNC + 7250 vBNC

Note 1: Liquidity contributions for DOT and KSM tokens (avoided to put in the list above) being small (about 100 KSM and 300/500 DOT) because unfortunately at the moment our tokens are already locked on other activities (crowdloans, etc…). The free ones and future rewards will be used to provide liquidity on Bifrost. Any amount of tokens provided will be reported in the monthly periodic node run report in this discussion or referendum discussion on

Note 2: the above tokens amounts (GLMR and BNC) could be increased during the time and if there will be opportunity to do so (for example future rewards). Any amount of tokens provided will be reported in the monthly periodic node run report in this discussion or referendum discussion on

Marketing - Informational support/contribution by VBL Applicant:

Iceberg Nodes (with other italian people and nodes runners) is founding member and/or admin in most of italian Telegram groups about the Italian community of Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. The ecosystem is comprehensive of a series of italian Telegram groups such as: Polkadot/Kusama Italia, Bifrost Italia, Moonbeam & Moonriver Italia, Astar & Shiden Italia, RMRK & Substrate NFT Italia, ChainX Italia, Acala & Karura Italia, Manta & Calamari Italia, Bit.Country & Pioneer Italia, KILT Italia, Totem Italia, OAK & Turing Italia, Aventus Italia, Pendulum & Amplitude Italia, Composable & Picasso Italia, Acurast Italia, etc…
Most of groups above are “official groups” created by teams themselves and then assigned to us for the managing and moderating. As mentioned above we are not the only owners/admins there, but we are working together also with other italian people and node runners, as we believe in cooperation and helping each others as we are all volunteers on doing this and also because as you can see the amount of work and informations for all these projects is huge.
Michele from Iceberg Nodes is also helping with italian community sometimes, but he is mostly active on managing/helping people on internationals (official and unofficial) groups of above projects.

At the scope of this proposal, we can provide the following educational initiatives around Bifrost SLP or Bifrost service in general:

  • helping on managing the Italian Telegram group of Bifrost (, Thomas is already there as supervisor and I suggest also Christian to join it as italian Bifrost team member;

  • organize a live video-call & AMA & giveaway (with some BNC amount) on Bifrost Italia Telegram group ( regarding Bifrost and its services, the link to the recording will be posted in this discussion or referendum discussion on

  • provide Italian translations of Bifrost medium articles on Polkadot Arena Blog ( and translations of most important Bifrost tweets via Polkadot Arena Twitter account ( and re-posted on Bifrost Italia Telegram group. Polkadot Arena is a blog containing articles, news, translations and tutorials about Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems (relaychains and parachains) mainly focused on Italian community. As Polkadot Arena is composed by italian volunteers, Iceberg Nodes will be sponsoring for all the above translations regarding Bifrost. Iceberg Nodes is sponsoring member of Polkadot Arena (as you can see in the middle of homepage in the right). All the link to translated articles and tweets will be posted in this discussion or referendum discussion on

  • Any other initiative (optional) that will be carried out and of interest for Bifrost will be posted in this discussion or referendum discussion on

We hope with such initiatives to increase the Bifrost Italian community.


  • We will produce a monthly periodic node run report for each validator/collator in the VBL and we will post it in this discussion or referendum discussion on

  • We will do our best to ensure the nodes performance, at the time of writing this proposal we never had slashing on our Polkadot and Kusama validators, and on Moonbeam and Bifrost we are active since the beginning of DPoS launch without a single round with 0 blocks produced or out of active set, so 100% of rounds active (you can check on Subscan looking at the “Rewards” tab or any other monitoring tool for those chains).

  • We also provided you some feedbacks during the community call (that we hope will be implemented very soon), that are:

    • Provide a general document about liquidity staking as the one already created (this is OK), but also provide a specific one for each chain (or group of chains with the same consensus and mechanisms) in which you have launched your service: as every chain has its consensus and staking mechanism (or better we can define some groups in which we can group the various chains), it should be very helpful to have described specific mechanism for each of them.

    • Implement a smooth or gradual unstaking mechanism when a collator should kicked out from VWL or VBL for any type of reason (we can’t predict the future and what will happen). As we expect a big success for Bifrost, in some chains will be very easy for a collator to have a single vote from Bifrost liquid staking with an high weight on total staked amount on that collator. If Bifrost liquid staking mechanism for some reason unstakes all entire amount in one time, this will lead the collator in trouble. Also this behavior will cause a very chaos in chain and it will not help the collator set stability, with problems also for some delegators.

In the end, we would like to thank you for the opportunity and since Iceberg Nodes, in addition to the chains above (inserted in this VBL application), it is running collators also on Astar, Shiden, Calamari, Turing, Zeitgeist, Basilisk, Pioneer Bit.Country, InvArch Tinkernet, Kintsugi, GM, Amplitude, Statemine, ChainX (validator) and other chains are already planned when launched, it has additional liquidity to provide when Bifrost will launch SLP also on those chains, so we look forward to a long and strong partnership, starting from the present VBL proposal.
So in the future when Bifrost will launch SLP for other parachains, we will apply for a new VBL also for those.

Best Regards
🧊 Iceberg Nodes 🧊 Team


many thanks for your in depth VBL submission.
please proceed to initiating a referendum proposal on the bifrost network (refer to point 3 in the section "establishing the process of cooperation" in the validator boost list process/mechanism).



Initiated a referendum proposal on Bifrost Kusama network:

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