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SLP Boost Validator List Proposal | ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ€
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Dear Bifrost Community,

Lucky Friday operates validators on the Polkadot and Kusama relay chains. In addition to several validators nominated by Bifrost, we run collators on 18 parachains and validators on several blockchains outside the Polkadot ecosystem.

Lucky Friday includes members with decades of experience in Web 2 infrastructure and several years of experience in Web 3, focusing on Dotsama through Paradox (CTO), ThePhunky1 (Protocol relations), and KBL (Kusama Kingdom), creating diversity and knowledge that is utilized to construct secure, efficient and reliable infrastructure operations.

Lucky Friday seeks to join the Validator Boost List based on the following factors:

  • Our strong ongoing partnership with the Bifrost team, in which we have worked alongside them to help provide consultative services on a wide array of issues.
  • Providing optimized returns for our nominators as demonstrated to the BiFrost team.
  • Running genuinely decentralized, wholly-owned bare metal servers. Unlike some other validators/collators who use cloud-based services or rent hardware from centralized services, Lucky Friday continues to expand its operational presence worldwide. Currently operating in six countries, our bespoke products run on our own hardware in SOC2 and CCSS-compliant data centers.

We hope to continue our valued relationship with the Bifrost team if it is the will of the community.

Our Kusama validators:

  • HhnoTHGW76ewz4ZL5Y4F9aPAqD5grq449U6mKfp6i1KuutX
  • EDyyDPurqzeZjAL8ka17JQiw6RH86HgpK1g91GfqM8VHxuh
  • DUqVsPLuFLJL2Ev7S7UeWLzVwqk9H7KpezCozKFLrf75bfR
  • FvR2jsv8ztP6PphQ6qwPJRNMKWCULcwHAgStLFR6u7zkwqc
  • HoC82Uep7DFe1ojfGLmEUZ36bXPmtkXScoGqWzyPenqgmEn
  • J6HxQniipCQLVAJxzC1pn2DphoN3za9eAq1bhkBtMhZ9sid
  • GM31KcErdS3ob8wmFSbLycccJ6YGvvTXLBAawd6d9wkAxqj
  • EdRPifdGyiFPkTz6wPkSJoUKMua4cz7tqy5HYgXtwsUm6M2

Our Polkadot validators:

  • 14AakQ4jAmr2ytcrhfmaiHMpj5F9cR6wK1jRrdfC3N1oTbUz
  • 14NG7QT8U3CDcWYgxqDR8CwwAwoVXZKrA1WpujsCTEP63paE
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