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SLP Boost Validator List proposal - Ryabina

Hello, everyone. Ryabina validator here.
Nice to see Bifrost moving into decentralized governance process.
We’ve been validating Kusama since 2019 and our KSM validators can already be found in vKSM Validators list. We would like to continue providing Bifrost and it’s users with high quality service.

We and our partners are supporting Bifrost in many ways:

  • is successfully running a collator in Bifrost.
  • Our media partner PolkadotNews is a Bifrost Ambassador.
  • Part of our team, who is working on, integrated Bifrost Kusama into their ecosystem to help Bifrost users and developers stay updated and interact with Bifrost Dapps in a timely manner.

Here is a list of our 14 Kusama validators to add into SLP Whitelist and choose from:

Ryabina 2 EGRGtbXhcFcmk78fzFGsxDnf6vc8ZpTyZYjrwCDoeGX2ShN
Ryabina 3 Hn8ELsyUL9UgDZpPX6bE464o4sbi7gqgYEKjntK7xuVzGXH
Ryabina 4 EuJcihtEgC121KMSa2TscWHmTF3ecJzzgHeNnQwLp4tBReG
Ryabina 6 ErEbjnP7wtybC3T912miqEBLPsqSmgtH75vXsRQNrCC5Z9r
Ryabina 7 CzFcymbnsvRzeFTuDt9PZdFG2Racy1hRBAphDmFyCQkzTrE
Ryabina 8 E5xn3oH1XNipeN58L7ENVmRdUVdUb47p61r1MssGRkRzAzi
Ryabina 9 HFYDo1eLWACCp2DqPNN5uyQdsUMy6s2jXjTQN5cenKoWrzt
Ryabina 11 CgHEFst3jhyJZ57fSuAzRS6VaUrFL7BwFKi5XKWPV3g3zTo
Ryabina 12 EaWWcRin5KwuXYFZA7ANuMCydQHjM5MofStJGusASGeXrrs
Ryabina 13 G1dGdfFbLYEFFCXVosFrnrd1iupXMzR4M255d32W82pcJP5
Ryabina 16 GxxV8DAcHCSzBbspu83AK9UoTYxzSQ6VVfdopjnkXfPtE8d
Ryabina 19 Cax6oB6GCvGv89NnsG5mbTpK5ZkqA3Fa6fKk1sgNibmBmeR
Ryabina 20 ErS1HyQUBxxAAvw8GNFG8cvAayZrTpA84MrDipyqSDTSvnF
Ryabina 22 J1EL5BqdVTx3GWg3MJ63eFKLxkGwRWnhbxH4vYQ23msB8QH

Would be happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

Ryabina team

Up 1

Hi Ryabina team.
quick q, given your point made about your media partners, and so forth, can you clearly outline the ways- initiatives in which you can provide marketing-educational support for Bifrost?


Thx Ryabina for your current support.
Any plan to go on Moonbeam for instance ?


Hi, TPP.
As of now, our support is running a Bifrost collator and maintaining Web3alert integration, where Ryabina participated as a technical partner. Currently, we are not providing any specific education/marketing support or liquidity.
You can read more about Web3alert and Bifrost integration here -


Hi, SuperDupont.
We do not plan to run a separate collator on Moonbeam.
Apart from Kusama nodes listed in the proposal, we can suggest adding to whitelist our nodes in Polkadot and Moonriver:

Ryabina 6 - 1pKc7abu9Cm9YqoMeUFqdMBUxKJVuVUFPRcjpxcyKvjkx5m

Ryabina - 0x872Def818fE02EB8280282025214554037c201db
Ryabina 2 - 0x010202A6f849E42B6f9613279e2dF840CE5FC788


@ryab...a/ 2

many thanks for this.

understood. however putting aside web3alert 0- it would be of interest to know in what capacity Ryabina could provide specific education/marketing support for SLP given that you have interest in submitting VBL applications for several different networks - notably polkadot, moonriver and kusama. as such for consideration it would be compelling to have more colour in regards to what marketing, content, and community activities you have in mind? notably educating your community to liquid staking and so forth.