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SLP Boost Validator List proposal - HashQuark

Hi Bifrost Community,

We are applying WBL project and happy to establish a good relationship with Bifrost.

HashQuark is the world's leading Web3 infrastructure service provider, providing full- stack infrastructure services from node validation to DID. We support classic node validation services for most of the mainstream public chains, as well as the compliant liquid node validation services. HashQuark has been deeply committed to the building and operation of mainstream PoS blockchains.

Our participation in Polkadot ecosystem and services:
Selected member of the 1kv program.
Early Kusama&Polkadot network validators.
Validator on multiple Polkadot parachains.
Polkacube for Web3 Foundation Grants.
Automatic claiming rewards every era.
Stable node operation.
7/24 operation team.

Our Kusama vadlidators:
HashQuark: D8BfryaM5xN62UuKUpLK5zbZEUSBtA76yP9YddQTKXi9pkB
HashQuark/2: FLdSKZjwaVuLpR2aPRi5csvsWgV6ZA3vZu58qx36oXukM63
Commission: 10%
Our Polkadot vadlidator:
HashQuark: 15BQUqtqhmqJPyvvEH5GYyWffXWKuAgoSUHuG1UeNdb8oDNT
Commission: 3%

In the future we will be actively contributing to the Bifrost community content in our Twitter and medium feeds.

HashQuark Team


thanks for the submission.

can you please provide more specific details around "In the future we will be actively contributing to the Bifrost community content in our Twitter and medium feeds" . it would be helpful given the scope and context of these applications to provide more colour and details on this, such as:

  • Provide details around form of marketing and promotion initiatives that can be provided to Bifrost SLP (Blog articles, newsletter, Twitter threads, AMA, community announcements etc) : XXXXXXXX
  • Quantitative overview on your community (number of users / Geographical focus) : XXXXX / XXXXX
  • Brief breakdown of your channels where you would be able to contribute in promoting bifrost and the staking liquidity protocol.
  • Twitter: XXXXX followers (incl. Recent analytics on post)
  • Telegram: XXXXX members
  • Discord: XXXXX members
  • Youtube: XXXXX subscribers / XXXXX total views

finally, we would like to know as touched upon with the majority of applicants and highlighted in the cooperation scope document about the liquidity angle a validator can - or cannot provide for the network the applicant is applying for. this does bare a weight in the discussion and review process.

Liquidity Contribution by VBL Applicant :

  • Token amount provided to minting vToken: XXXXX Token
  • Plan to provide vToken liquidity
    • Single token farming : : XXXXX Token
    • vToken - Token LP : XXXXX Token+XXXXX vToken
      If not, please specify why this is currently not possible.

thanks for providing more details on these two segments.


We have no Telegram, YouTube, or Discord server, you can follow us on Twitter and Medium.

Twitter: @HashQuark


We will create educational content for our community such as we have done before. For instance, introducing Bifrost liquid staking, users guide on how to stake DOTs to Bifrost.

We will not be providing liquidity. We mainly serve institutional investors.



many thanks for the feedback.

given that you serve institutional investors, in what capacity can you provide promotion-marketing support to our solutions to them? would be great to have some colour on this for the evaluation of the application. given that liquidity cannot be provided, we would like to know the marketing angle-initiatives you can provide to support bifrost SLP.